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Hand-made effects boxes made by...hand.   With love.   For the People.
We are Southern...
About us:
Southern Effects is effectively Jordan Thomae and Jamey Bozeman.   We call Toccoa, Georgia “home”.   Though we also call it “crappy” and “boorish”.   We are musicians in a band called “They Sang As They Slew”.   In our excessive free time we build electronic effects and package them  in uber-cool boxes.
Oh, the humanity
What we offer:
We now have our 24*12 pedal (an octave distortion with a twist!) in addition to the EchoEcho and the Old One-Two.   We are also developing a super-simple compressor pedal (The Compressure!) and an edgy gain called the Booster Seat.  Keep your eyes peeled, as they say.